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  • The Department of Historical Studies of the University of Turin promotes an interdisciplinary approach to learning and research. The Department is ranked top 5% of the national departmental structures.
  • Established in may 2012,  it provides students with a globally-framed historical education that encompasses programs in History from  Antiquity to Contemporary Age, in History of Art, in Archaeology, in  Geography, in History of Religion. Students following these education programs will attain a deep and critical historical comprehension of world history.
  • The department encourages students to choose new academic experiences from the approximately 200 courses offered for Bachelor and  postgraduate degrees.


  • 21  Full professors 
  • 26 Associate Professors
  • 29 Assistants  Professor
  • 23 Administrative staff
  • Library  “Giovanni Tabacco”, ca. 120,000 books
  • Library “E. Peterson”, ca. 40,000 books specialized in History of Religion.


  • The ancient world in the Middle and Near East to the Late Antiquity, investigated through archaeological, literary and epigraphic sources.
  • The society from Ancient to Contemporary Age investigated with different disciplinary approaches: political, institutional, economic, social, cultural and religious.
  • The history of art from the Middle Ages to Contemporary Age; the promotion of cultural heritage through museology studies, history of restoration and art criticism.
  • Historical geography and the development of geographical knowledge .
  • The history of manuscripts, books, reading, archives and libraries.


  • BA (3 years)
  • 1)  History
  • 2) Cultural Heritage
  • Postgraduate (2 years)
  • 1) Archeology and Ancient History
  • 2) Historical Sciences
  • 3) History of Art
  • 4) Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (5 years)


History, Archeology and Art History

  • A three years PhD Program for Italian and foreign students.
  • Courses in Near Eastern and Classical Archeology, History of Art from the Middle Age to Contemporary Age, History from the Ancient Greece until present days, History of Religions and Christianity.
  • Lectures, conferences and workshops are organized for the students during the academic year.
  • Students are encouraged to spend at least a semester abroad; agreements signed with foreign Universities and Research Centers support the exchange of PhD students between Italy and other countries.


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